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How Fun Traveling with my Pet

These products at STA make life fun and enjoyable for seniors and their favorite pets.
When out shopping, set up a delivery errand and in–store pickup with your smartphone, we can text you this link, or type the link directly into the phone. • Visit our online store staFinepetProducts.

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Dream big. Make memorable experiences on the road. With Fido.

‽ We wish to make your stay in Seattle a pleasant one. Book a service or delivery errand with STA: Arrange in–store pickup, recycle unwanted electronics, sell and pickup old and used items - Text " DLVR " to: 1-928-2385398 from your smartphone to get the service web link on your phone. Perhaps have us pick up a gift (or supplies) you purchased at Nordstrom during your stay and drop it off at your hotel, or we can ship the gift back home for you.

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Better Way To Tango: SMS Messaging (‽Read more...)

For some of us, staying in touch with family, friends and office co-workers, can be a drag when traveling. In the excitement of a new dining haunt, and the oh-so-delicious food - one might think it a bit inconvenient to remember to check in with our family and friends who worry. Don't get me wrong - we love them dearly. At STA, we offer a convenient solution: a group broadcast service you can automatically send text messages and stay in touch with all your ♥ loved ones, or check in with office co-workers in your group. Everyone happy...

Group Text Messaging Service - FREE TRIAL
In the free trial, you are the only person in the contact list. Your group messages will be sent to your phone. After registration, they will be sent to your list of contact people.
Text " your message to group  - TRIAL "  to:  1-928-2385398 from your smartphone. Try it now!

FREE TRIP ADVICE. Send group messages from anywhere with your cell phone. Click here for MORE INFO AND TO REGISTER for the group texting service. It includes a web portal where you type messages at your desktop PC, and instantly send them off as mobile text messages to your group.


Fifth annual Hero Dog Awards (‽Read more...)

If you are traveling to Los Angeles by September 2015, a very fun thing to do is plan on attending the Fifth annual Hero Dog Awards, a red carpet, star-studded awards gala event. We have airline-approved dog carriers available for the trip...


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Not to worry, STA is dropping off her pet supplies any moment now!

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What's the fizz about the Keurig Cold machine and the SodaStream Soda Maker? (‽More...)

Get the "fizz" or the buzz.

Natural Sparkling Water can be fun and healthy (‽More...)

If you can afford it, consider a machine at home that makes flavored sparkling water from tap water. With Sodastream, you use elegant reusable plastic bottles to hold the drinks. No electricity is required. It takes about 45 seconds to make the sparkling water. Do you think it is quicker to pull the tab off a pop can to drink the soda? ...

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Share your love of Television Shows at Home (Part 1 of 2) (‽More...)

For those of us living the semi-retired life at home (lucky you?) and you love your television shows, here is an idea to share the television interests around the home as you go about your chores. It whets your appetite for new and exciting TV channels. You must love TV a lot because this may cost you USD $250 out of your pocket...

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Living with Fixed Income (‽More...)

Living with fixed income is a challenge, more so if we are drawing down on our life savings (or nest egg). Lower prices at the gas pump helps as long as we live within our means. Can we do so? Here you will find practical reliable suggestions to enjoy a good and balanced life. Lets begin with the use of credit as a financial tool. We have heard of the pitfalls, but there is much more to it than that. After all, don't we wish to travel in style with our pets! ...


What better way to travel than to bring my furry companion along with me. I love sheep herding and dog agility contests. Splash in a sparkling brook with Fido, or take a brisk walk in the mountain air. I like keeping Fido mentally active, and teach my dog a new trick while on the road. Free to visit friends and family for the summer, with a Nightingale travel aide for assistance, makes it fun and easy. I make a point of dropping off needed supplies at the nearest animal shelter. Maybe take a shelter dog for a walk. Or just talk to the animals there.

I like to stop at a ranger station, and ask about conservation issues of the day. I have this habit of looking out for animals that might need a helping hand, sometimes in an emergency.


For inspiration, I add an exotic/endangered animal sanctuary to my travel destinations. On my travel downtimes, I say to Fido "Go chase some chickens!"

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