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squeakby texting is a cloud service. People page you at your temporary number on the smartphone during an errand or service call. Your personal mobile number is kept private. Pretty cool. This is a convenient way to separate work from home situations. (For example, giftly gift cards can be sent to this temporary number.)

The temporary number is assigned to you during registration for squeakby texting. You may cancel it anytime, or keep it for as long as you wish. Consider it like a disposable number.

How squeakby texting works

Anyone can text you at the temporary number immediately. You can put [restrictions] on the temporary number. If you work with the home office, they can [dispatch] contact numbers and map directions to your temporary number on the smartphone. No software to install.

To follow up on a contact at a later date, [email] forward the text message to a task manager, Todoist, or to a calendar.

This is a simple and convenient way to dispatch deliveries in the field with the personal cell phones you already have. Use iPhone SIRI for voice-activation without any further customer setup needed.

Why squeakby texting?

When arranging a service call, you can freely reach out to a client or to a vendor with the convenience of your personal smartphone.

In a team situation, prioritize the contacts for the day, and you may flag an activity as completed. The typing on the smartphone is minimized. The back-and-forth workflow with the home office is streamlined and productive.

squeakby chart

 View the chart: "Let out the mobile heo"

Tell squeakby who to text to

Anyone can text you at the temporary number. Typically your contact is the person to text to.

Text this directly to the squeakby temporary number:
@TT 206-555-5555 (where 555-5555 is the contact number with area code).

Proceed to text messages to the contact at the temp number.

You may use voice-activation to tell squeakby, or at the Contact List Dashboard, click on a contact [push-pin] to pop up the [Switch Panel]. Then enter the number, and begin texting.

Lastly, the home office can dispatch the contact number to the smartphone for you. The personal mobile number remains private.

Set up squeakby as an iPhone contact

Enter squeakby as a contact in the iPhone. As illustrated above, for the first name, type in squeakby. For the mobile number, type in your squeakby temp number. Leave everything else blank for the iPhone contact.

Calling a contact from the squeakby temp number

Dial the squeakby temporary number with your personal smartphone. The call will be automatically forwarded to the Contact person you are texting to.

Alternatively, at the [Contact List] screen in the app (text @2T),
click on the "Call now" link. Then tap on the temp number that appears, and dial the number that way.

Can I be reminded of a text message I received?

Yes. You may text @ST directly to the temporary number. The most recent message will be forwarded to your e-mail for later follow up.

Alternatively, at the [Contact List] screen in the app,
Click on the [push-pin] to pop up the [Switch Panel]. Then click on the [Forward message] button. The last text message for that Contact number will be forwarded to your e-mail.

Voice Activation with iPhone SIRI

SPEAK to Siri:
"text to squeakby saying at sign who"

After sending this question, squeakby will respond with the number you are currently texting-to.

(Hint: tap on the question that you asked, and SIRI will put you into editing mode to make any changes prior to sending your message.)

Video: "Best use of squeakby texting"

 Take 5-minutes to view this video: "Best use of squeakby texting"

Smartphone Help:
CONTACT STA if you wish to text to another business or individual.
  ◊ They can text you at this Temp Number if you give them the number!
  ◊ Purchase and activate a new temporary phone number, click here •